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A leader in anything-but-ordinary luxury travel, we live our values boldly.  Never turn down a chance to dress up.  Use the good dishes.  Stay curious.  Life is your one great adventure, write a story you'll love.


Melanie Toth founded Oceans and Avenues to provide premium service, inspiration, and unparalleled access for discerning travellers seeking the exceptional. 


“I wish the same for my clients as I do for myself; a passionate, authentic life full of celebration.  To feel limitless in life, as well as cared for and understood.  Travel is personal and there is so much more to know about someone than simply “aisle or window?”.


"Before Oceans & Avenues, I enjoyed a dynamic career in the entertainment industry working with large touring concerts and theatre.  No two days were ever the same!  Life was fast-paced backstage and so much of my vision came from those days and nights spent co-creating these amazing, awe-filled events, confirmed by audience applause and joyful cheers.


"There I learned that behind every success there is a trusted, dedicated team working towards achieving the same goal.  A premium result means never overlooking the smallest details.  It's truly when all the little pieces come together that the big emotional, goosebump moments are born."

"Oceans & Avenues, is proudly affiliated with Avenue Two Travel and the world-renowned Virtuoso network.  This grants our clients privileged access to luxury accommodations, air and ground transport, cruises, tours, as well as excursions and adventures at thousands of appraised locations worldwide.  

"Release the tension  and reclaim your time through guidance from an involved, informed travel professional team ready to tailor the unparalleled experience you deserve.

"I would love to learn more about you and your travel goals, so be sure to learn more about our services and process, or schedule a call to get started!”


Melanie Toth


Founder and CEO, Oceans & Avenues Travel Inc.

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